Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Valentines Cookies 2015

All the fun Valentine cookies I did for classes, and to sale.

This set was taught in one of my classes.

I love cookies Sticks!!

TNMT Valentine cookie order.

I did this cookies for fun and made a video of me doing part of it, you can see it here

I made these for the ladies I visit teach.

And this special set for my Tommy's Mom.

Baptism Cookies

Fun Baptism cookies for Sierra! It is great to be 8

The background was stenciled the words piped on top.

Fun wet on wet designs for #8 cookies

I love a monogram cookie.
Airbrushed stenciled background with monogram piped on top.

The Choose The Right Shield has to make an appearance!

White Dresses with pink ribbons.

The whole gang, thanks Kim!

Crafting Cat Chicks!

Seriously what do you give to a woman who loves baby chicks, stamp crafting, cats and keeps her own bees. Well custom cookies of.....

baby chick faces...

beehives ( I used a candy corn cutter for these)

the place she works,

and cats! (these were colored using edible ink pens)

What a fun thank you gift to receive from her awesome friend JoDee!

P90X3 Cookies! They go together right??

I am so sad that I did not post these cookies last year! My good friend wanted to celebrate her accomplishing completing P90X3 program with themed cookies!! 
What a fun thing to do and believe I have tried out a few of those workouts from the program so far and man they are HARD!!

She is totally ripped and she deserved everyone of these cookies cause she burned all the calories in these cookies in at least one workout!

These six pack cookies were my favorite!

Some of Tony Hortons catch phrases!

Such a fun set to do for and awesome friend of mine! Thanks LJ

Paw Patrol

So I have totally neglected this blog for months and months and months. I have had a few post drafts that I have never posted and I am going to post them now even though they are from last year.

Here are some fun paw patrol cookies for a Jaden's birthday

You gotta have little paw print cookies.

 and the shields

And a group shot!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Over The Hill Cookies

I got my first order for over the hill cookies, I have never done this theme before and I was excited to do some thing different. My friend ordered these for a coworker of hers and she picked  out the sayings she wanted and then let me have free reign on the rest.  

Excuse my white balance it was overcast when I took these pictures. 

First up, the plaque to wish Layne a happy birthday. The stencil used in the picture is from Salsa Stencils. I used pearl airbrush with all the cookies in the set.

It's a birthday so balloons are in order. I used my petal craft dusts to do some shading on the balloons. 

As well as balloons you have to have cake...in cookie form, right! 

And of course the obligatory head stone stating you are over the hill. The cracks are the wet on wet technique dragged with a toothpick and shading with petal dust.

These over the hill sayings are pretty funny. Stencil used here is from Artfully Designed Creations and can be found here

I have a few chevron stencils this one I got from Michaels. This cute cutter is called the Jenn from Whisked Away Cutters and can be found here.

I really like how this one turned out. Shading was done by using brown airbrush around the edges.

And this is my favorite, I just love the long rectangle which the cutter is from Truly Mad Plastics and you can find it here. and the stencil is from Artfully Designed Creations and you can find it here

And here they are all together. I sure hope Layne has a great birthday! Thanks JoDee for the order. 

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